“The Contractor demonstrated a customer focus… The project is really ahead of schedule…has been very pro-active and try to shoulder the cost ahead of the MOD to avoid delays…”
Terry Walker, Supervisory General Engineer
NAVFAC Engineering Command Marianas

“. . . always professional, very flexible, cooperative and ensured the customer was always kept up to date on the project. Their ability to keep the project moving and on schedule was outstanding . . .”
G.J. Fortin, Contracting Officer
United States Coast Guard

“The quality and efficiency of the work performed by you and your subcontractors during construction deserves mentioning . . . the cooperation and professionalism . . .you were able to complete the project on time and in budget.”
Derek Scott, Finance & Administrator Director
Westover Job Corps Center

“The quality of workmanship is indicative of the excellent cooperation demonstrated by your personnel; which is truly commendable….. outstanding performance and a “job well done”…..reflection of your company’s commitment to excellence.”
Roderick R. Leon Guerrero, Brigadier General
Guam National Guard

“The quality and Safety they provided on this project require appreciation …Coordination with Customer and FEAD team was exceptional…planning to meet the schedule was outstanding….a very successful project.”
Edward Tapeceria, P.E., Supervisory General Engineer
NAVFAC Engineering Command Marianas